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Masturbating to pass the time when putting off an event or responsibility.
No, sorry. I didn't finish my homework. I was too busy procrastibating.
by Aaronface September 22, 2009
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the act of "massaging" ones genitalia in order to put off more important activities/commitments.
Mother: Can you take out the rubbish?
Son: Yeah in a minute... im just.... err... busy.
Mother: Stop procrastibating and take the rubbish .
by Max the milkman and Pricycle January 19, 2009
v. the act of using masterbation to distract oneself from attempt or completion of important tasks.
I should have studied for this final last night, but I was too busy procrastibating.
by B.Island.T January 07, 2011
When one is masturbating so they don't have to do something important. i.e. Homework, Project, etc.
Im procrastibating instead of doing my Language Arts project
by McCrackhead September 12, 2010
Masturbating while procrastinating.
I did not get much study done today because I was procrastibating.
by Jabbing May 02, 2014
The act of avoiding or putting off necessary tasks or chores through self-masturbation
I bet your Matt didn't do any work for his Energy, Markets and Risk exam last night. He was probably too busy procrastibating.
by jewboy89 May 15, 2013
verb: Putting off important tasks in favour of pleasuring yourself sexually.
"No, I didn't finish my science paper, I was procrastibating instead."
by Malacanadian July 09, 2012

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