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Another way to call a girl a bitch without them knowing you called them one. Is just replacing the word bitch and placing it with Princess. It's not a false defenition so if anyone who reads this decided to give a thumbs down then Idk what to tell you.
Girl 1: I was waving yesterday and you didn't wave back.
Girl 2: I'm not going to say Hi because all of my other friends would think I'm weird if I waved back to you.
Girl 1: You're such a Princess
Girl 2:Thank You
Girl 1:No problem I really mean it
by La La Bitch April 13, 2007
293 98
A girl that has been pampered, sheltered and spoiled her whole life to the extent that she has no friggin idea about the real world.
With her hands on her hips, pouting mouth and a big boisterous umph, Dana shows her princess side whenever she doesn't get exactly what she wants when she wants it.
by King Super Prince June 30, 2005
1451 382
The sort of girl who has never had to work for a single thing in her life. She is usually sheltered to the point where it's ridiculous, and spoiled beyond belief. She has trouble accepting that there's anything wrong in the world and can hardly believe that there are people who don't have an American Express Platinum or a heated swimming pool. She's often gregarious, or, in some occasions, very much a bitch. There's one constant, however. She'll invariably be spoiled or somewhat snotty.
"What is wrong with her?" Alana demanded sharply, watching the girl's retreating back.
"Ignore her," her companion advised, "she's just another princess."
by Silver Koneko October 22, 2005
759 227
One who is in another Caslte.
Sorry Mario.
by Vee Are Are Schee November 29, 2003
1045 640
a girl who is stuck-up, snobby, and thinks she's perfect, but actually she's annoying and you wanna slap her
Stop being such a princess and clean your mess!
by lisagirl April 07, 2003
602 282
a girl that is spoiled and usually has money.
that girl is such a princess.
by Danika robinson June 05, 2005
522 222
insult to a straight guy who acts a little fruity
a guy who goes to a salon not the barber is a princess

princess petracca goes to the salon every week

by dparris January 04, 2006
440 186
A girl who is so clueless about the world around her. She sees what she wants, hears what she wants, and only wants things her way. She has no compassion or understanding of other people's perspectives that are standing right in front of her.

Princesses need a knock on the head so they can see the real world. And that the world does not revolve around them.

To a woman, being a princess is an insult because it means their mannerisms are annoying!
Well, duh, she's a princess, she's going to be whining and crying about it the whole night if you don't give her what she wants.
by bhriding August 29, 2008
305 65