A girl who was born into a royal family and married off to become a baby maker for her husband.
Prince Charles and Princess Diana before they got divorced.
by X_Luna May 12, 2006
a girl who is a snotnosed intolerable, spoiled cunt. Most likely was spoiled growing up with total control over her parents and expects the world to just be handed to her without having to work a day in her entire life. These girls are usually also a bit whoreish, and almost always bi-polar.
"That girl, Shelby? Yeah, she's a hardrcore Princess"
by slickbick March 10, 2012
Princess refers to a guy that happens to be a little bit of a bitch.

This guy will take the longest out of all of the guys to get ready, he doesnt like to fight, he might get his nails done but he is straight.

He has basically been treated like a princess his whole life but is not gay at all.

He drinks only light beer because hes trying to watch his weight and his girlfriend can out drink him.

People back in the old days used to call these men sissies.
Guy 1: Yo the guys and I are going out beer and wings! Im picking you up in 10 minutes!

Guy 2: Alright, I still need to get ready, give me like 45 minutes. And do they have plain or mild wings? I cant eat spicy wings.

Guy 1: Im giving you 20 minutes princess! And yes, they have mild wings if you're a little bitch. Would you like Coors light too while we're at it?

Guy 2: Oh my God, I love Coors light!
by Not_A_ Princess February 21, 2012
A tiny, overly-flamboyant gay man. If normally sized, would be referred to as a "queen."
Christian Siriano, the pint-sized designer, is a fierce princess
by Aznrady April 23, 2010
What dads call their little girls these days.
Ashley: Daddy, may I have some ice cream?

Dad: Sure, anything for you, princess.

Ashley: You're the best, daddy!
by Mz_Tana1997 November 29, 2009
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