my best friend a real princess thru and thru and he has the tiara to boot
by me October 01, 2003
a snobby girl who usually gets what she wants; otherwise, she's honest a kind. an on & off girl who switches between both.
that princess is no cinderella, that's the stepmother!
by aneezy December 28, 2010
1. generally the royal daughter of a king/queen/etc
2. a handy term for certain distasted closet cases, more useful if their last name is something along the line of "king"
"did michael trip you?"
"yes, but I've got something in store for The Princess later.."
*malicious grin*
by =^..^= December 05, 2004
another word for a Bitch, or when they are irritating a guy and he just wants to let them knwo it
L: your hair looks bad
T: alright Princess
by Lisa May 16, 2004
The most amazing girl in the world you will fall in love with her because she is funny and kind and loves unconditionally it is so hard to find a Princess so when you do treat her right
Man you know that girl Taylor she is a Princess
by Deathexpress72 July 13, 2014
Princess is a very secretive person you might think you know everything about her but you don't. Get to know a girl called princess.
Person1: "Princess is really kind but so quiet"
Person2: "Hahaha you don't knooow Princess"
by Trinity.baee June 04, 2014
1)Someone who enjoys the company of apes
3)A sissy and sensitive person
Bystander: Haha, what a princess
by HughJass87 January 09, 2008

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