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A word, noun or verb, that is now used in place of "cool, awesome, neat etc". Only used to describe something positively. There is nothing negative associated with "Bragg".
Man that party was "Bragg".

Dude, that chick is hot!
Nah man, she's "Bragg".
#awesome #cool #sweet #brag #gay #stupid #neat
by braggtastic March 03, 2009
Slang for advertising
If that company is going to make it they better put some money into their "Braggs" and work on their brand recognition.

Our band is making money now that we have "Braggs" to sell at the shows.
#brags #braggs #advertisments #merch #ads
by Gazi21 June 11, 2010
A completely uncoordinated, enormous, and incompetent person who's stench would clear an entire stadium. A hibittchel liar that is constantly looking for self approval.
Bragg: hey look at this picture of a girl I fucked last night

Person: dude, she wouldn't fuck you in a million years... Don't be such a Bragg.
by Yo mama 696969 December 07, 2015
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