Royalty. Daughter of a king and queen. Not you.
Elizabeth I of England was a princess.
You're not her...Get those fat sparkley bubble letters off your shirt, bitch.
by Anne Cabot August 05, 2005
Another way to call a girl a bitch without them knowing you called them one. Is just replacing the word bitch and placing it with Princess. It's not a false defenition so if anyone who reads this decided to give a thumbs down then Idk what to tell you.
Girl 1: I was waving yesterday and you didn't wave back.
Girl 2: I'm not going to say Hi because all of my other friends would think I'm weird if I waved back to you.
Girl 1: You're such a Princess
Girl 2:Thank You
Girl 1:No problem I really mean it
by La La Bitch April 13, 2007
A girl who’s a piece of work, high maintenance and used to getting her way. Most likely because she was spoiled growing up or has had string of wussy ex-lovers that allowed her to run the show. She’s a bit snobby sometimes and probably wears a lot of clothing from Banana Republic, J. Crew and the Limited. Sometimes you want to slap her and sometimes you want to kiss her.
Nice boy: I’m sorry

Princess: …(silence)…

Nice boy: I love you

Princess: …(silence)…
by Strudel411 December 30, 2010
a girl who believes the world revolves around her every whim. she will act aloof, stuck up and pretend she cares for noone around her but in reality is just afraid to make herself vulnerable. she fears rejection so much she is willing to pretend that she dislikes everyone she meets by default and will only speak to people who kiss her ass first. deep down there may be an actual person worth getting to know but you have to get through all the bullshit first.
worker_1: wow isnt the new receptionist kinda stuck up and rude?

worker_2: oh who Ana? yea shes a princess alright.

by mtri August 01, 2006
1. A female who refuses to grow up

2. A female who wears a crown on her birthday despite how old she is

3. Someone whose favorite color is pink, loves glitter, wears Juicy Couture and wants to be the center of attention
She thinks she's a princess even though she's well over 40
by muenstercat7 May 04, 2010
The daughter of a king and queen.

The wife of a prince or a woman who holds the office in her own right.
In England, before the Tudor era, there was no female equivalent to princes, dukes, earls, or barons; every female of royal or noble rank below the queen was simply known as "The Lady..."

The vast majority of the female population who is called "princess" is not of royal or noble ancestry... and they probably should count that as a blessing, since royal ancestry does not guarantee power, beauty, intelligence, or any gifts; as pawns in a big political chess game, princesses and queens and noblewomen in general usually had no real power. With a few exceptions, a noblewoman was usually just a manager for the estate and a baby machine for the family dynasty.
Katherine of Aragon was demoted from Queen to Dowager Princess of Wales when Henry VIII divorced her for Anne Boleyn. Katherine's daughter was demoted from "The Princess Mary" to "The Lady Mary".

The Disney Princess and media portrayals are often highly inaccurate portrayals of royalty; real princesses usually did not befriend commoners and were often married off into other royal families to act as clown cars for their in-laws. Contrary to Disney, any fun and games generally ended at an early age for noble children; they had jobs to do as heirs to family politics. Court intrigue was also a major threat to them and their families; they were never really sure of where their friends and families stood. And as long as she was of royal blood, it didn't matter whether a princess was ugly, stupid, deranged, or sickly; royals marry other royals or nobles, for commoners are generally discouraged (regardless of inbreeding).
Disney's only real princesses are Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, and Pocahontas; Cinderella was either nobility or gentry while the rest were commoners.

The giggly young woman with clothes scrawled with "Princess" in sparkly letters gave little thought to the actual significance of the word. She also had no idea that her Han zi tattoo actually said "prostitute" instead of "princess".
by Lorelili January 10, 2011
Not to be confused with the word princess, Prin cess is man who is acting like a little girl who is always used to getting her way. In turn acting like a little bitch or a little gay. When using this word you must add an emphasis on the second part of the word so it would almost sound like prin CESS.
Girl: Oh my god, did you see that guy. He was such a prin cess!!!

Guy #1: I can not believe she totally ignored me!
Guy #2: Dude, quit being such a prin cess!!!
by -pam- October 01, 2006
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