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A drink that is trending in metro Atlanta, primarily among African Americans where a single fried chicken leg is placed in a cup of malt liquor. They are then both consumed together.
lets get a poultry and walk down to six flags.
by stevenwernstrum2 October 10, 2013
Collective term for a group of homosexual men who take the drug ecstasy and attend all-night unprotected sex parties. Used mainly in the gay community.
Are you going to that rave tonight? I hear there are going to be some poultry in the house!
by PenguinJockey April 10, 2007
Something of extremely high quality. It is a term not to be used lightly, only in deserving circumstances demonstrating remarkable quality. Is often used to refer to level of Halo gameplay by the gaming community.
Wow you are leading the team with 36 kills, keep up the poultry Halo!
by Monsieur Rick October 20, 2010
A incredibly hot person....cant even look at them they are so hot...another word for beef where is orginated, come in ranking depending on hotness, spam being lowest turkey being highest.
"OMG, look at that guy he is pure poultry, i swear he is turkey!"
by Snowy April 23, 2004
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