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The funniest sounding racial slur known to man. Used mainly by whites to disparage black people.
"You ain't nothin' but a jigaboo, boy. Now shine them shoes!"
by Penguinjockey December 18, 2006
A vegetable, as defined by the USDA under the Reagan Administration.
Eat your ketchup and you'll grow big and strong!
by PenguinJockey December 18, 2006
A poorly-understood species of squid even more massive and fearsome than the giant squid. Its tentacles are covered with swiveling hooks in addition to suckers, making it one of the ocean's most formidable predators. It is the only cephalopod species of which the male possesses a penis. Believed to have the largest eyes of any animal.
"Did you hear about that colossal squid carcass they found in Antarctica? It was huge!"
by Penguinjockey December 18, 2006
Collective term for a group of homosexual men who take the drug ecstasy and attend all-night unprotected sex parties. Used mainly in the gay community.
Are you going to that rave tonight? I hear there are going to be some poultry in the house!
by PenguinJockey April 10, 2007
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