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Someone who makes, sells or distributes porn.
I knew you was a Porner when I first laid eyes on you!
Got any free samples?
by Shit_4_Brains September 28, 2007
The most coveted desk position in the office, from which you can look at your screen in complete privacy.
I can't believe that undeserving douchebag Slater got a promotion AND the porner.
by C-Chops September 14, 2010
Porner is a collective noun for the people who work in the sex industry.

This doesn't just refer to porn actors and actresses, it refers to everyone who has a job to do with sex including webmasters, sex toy inventors, sex bloggers, erotica writers, erotic photographers, dominatrices, sex experts, etc.

It is a fairly relaxed and friendly term that people within the industry use to identify each other.
"When she posted that link to her blog, we knew she had to be a porner!"

"Chloe is a porner, she works in that sex shop in town."
by HellInHighHeels March 18, 2009
A portmanteau of porn and corner. The corner you spank it in.
"Yo, I'mma go crank one out in the Porner, Watch my shit for me."
by BEEPBOOPROBOT September 03, 2015
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