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one of the most straightest people in the world
wow i feel like a fleming
by mr intense January 03, 2008
A liquid which is produced from the throat through deep gagging.
Thrusting your cock in and out a girls mouth till she starts Fleming.

A girl Fleming from her throat.
by Cunt Bubble February 14, 2014
When a guy is wearing a condom and pulls out, right before he gets off, takes off the condom and ejaculates on a woman's stomach.
"The sex wasn't that good, he pulled a Fleming"
by mondaymorning January 22, 2010
The act of pooping your pants due to recently recieving buttsex.
Paul Fleminged himself, and needed to borrow Johnny's pants.
by Brett8 February 03, 2010
Like 'rimming' and 'felching', 'fleming' is a gay term - used to describe the gay act of having another man's cock on your shoulder.
"Hey, stop reading over my shoulder!
But while you're there, you may as well
give me a little fleming."
by Wordsaurus April 08, 2009
Starting shit and getting your ass handed to you. Then crying like a little bitch and leaving.
Adam is so pulling a fleming right now.
by imightbefatbutyourgay December 17, 2008
One who doesn't understand jokes and forever states the obvious.
"That's the joke, Fleming."
by anonymous9636282 June 16, 2008