Pocks is short for Pockets (Jean, sweat, khakis, pockets).
Maryland Slang.
"I don't know if imma cop up, let me check my sweat pocks."
by MarylandBOI September 08, 2008
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Pork as spelled by a village idiot or buffoon. mantha
"do do pock."
by Martin Font March 11, 2004
Can be used instead of Cock
Paul: "You're a Pockhead mate"
by magicrico July 26, 2011
Used to define any sexual act that is deemed deviant or taboo.
Stacey: "Did you hear about Bob?"
Janet: "No, what about Bob?"
Stacey:"He's in jail now, he broke into someone's house and tried to pock their wife."
by spamproxy19 August 10, 2013
The act of imitating a parrot in the specific manner of attacking a person with your nose while saying, "Pock, pock, pock."
Dude, don't pock me. That's really creepy.
by justsomeguywhoeatswaffles October 24, 2010
filipino pronunciation of the word "fuck" due to acscent.
"Pock you, you maw-ther pocker"
by Neenjuh March 11, 2009
a truncated version of the word Pocket that is undeniably more elegant, hip, and simple.
"hey you got a light?"

"yeah, one second, its in my pock"
by robertjames May 23, 2005

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