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(Extension of Pock) Someone who is very good at something they do. World Class Footballers,Being very good a Fifa.
Luke: "Ayo blud you see Rooneys goal?"
Richard: "Yes fam, Rooney is a Pock Eater"
by magicrico July 26, 2011
Used Instead of Doctors
Matt: "I've got to go to the Pocktors today, fuck"
by magicrico July 26, 2011
Someone who is not a Pock Eater, but inconsistently performs a good act in which they get the desired result.
Jamie: "Boys I scored today and ate Pock"
Rich: "Well done mate, you're still not a Pock Eater though, More like a Pockhead who got lucky"
by magicrico July 26, 2011
Opposite to Pock Eater. You are bad at something or someone has beaten you at something in which case your pock has been eaten. Sometimes your Pock can be eaten raw.
Duffy: "Yo dude,Matt just got his Pock Eaten by Paul, 4-1!"
Sean: "Pauls a Pockhead but Matt just got his Pock Eaten Raw"
by magicrico July 28, 2011
Can be used instead of Cock
Paul: "You're a Pockhead mate"
by magicrico July 26, 2011

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