To take a coworker's lunch from the communal refrigerator.
That little shit-weasel Raymond better not poach my fucking tuna sandwich again.
by Frozen June 18, 2003
Top Definition
To steal another man's girl.
Don poached my girl, so now they're going out and I'm single.
by A-nizzle May 30, 2004

The act of waiting until someone pulls out of a good parking spot near the store or destination, then taking their spot as soon as they pull out; thus eliminating other people's chances to take that spot. Mostly takes place when you notice a car about to leave. Very useful in places such as malls and department stores.
Passenger: "Hey, do you see any spots open near WalMart?"

Driver: "No, but there's someone with their tail-lights on, let's poach their spot."

Passenger: "Epic!"
by CMKTBH December 27, 2009
To flirt or hit on someone.
Yo, lets hit up the pool for some cheeky late night poachin'!
by Notorious D.I.Z. July 01, 2011
To hire a worker away from a competitor
Wow, ABC research firm just poached our best programmer.
by Stoolie January 02, 2014
Where, within a commission sales environment, a commission sales person steps into a sale OR takes the sale from a non-commission paid employee, thus recieving all commission credit from the sale.
"Will Doo, i'm poaching the deal on that fuck'n big screen you assclown! Oh, by the way, what's your sister doing this weekend?"
by Will Doo February 13, 2006
In snowboarding terms, sneaking up the chair lift without a ticket or pass.
"Tickets are too expensive, I'd rather poach the lifts or hike the park."
by Dirty D Nice December 16, 2008
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