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In snowboarding terms, sneaking up the chair lift without a ticket or pass.
"Tickets are too expensive, I'd rather poach the lifts or hike the park."
by Dirty D Nice December 16, 2008
14 10
To scroll through someone's Facebook friends to see if there is anyone you might (kinda) know to add as your own friend
I poached my old roommate from Mike's friends today.

I'm bored with my friends, I'm going poaching today.

That guy John from your party poached me yesterday.
by ledbyrain September 28, 2008
10 6
Poach means cool, in style, or swag. Other forms include poachin' and poached.
That girl is poached!
Look how poach this shirt is!
by CadyCaty December 27, 2012
1 1
to borrow with no intent of returning usually a small insignificatn item such as a cig or small coin
can I poach a smoke?
by catchingsmoke May 20, 2010
0 0
Taking something that simply is not yours. Usually for a limited time only, like
"Yo, I'll be in Orlando this weekend, can I poach your couch?"
by Hank Whittier September 13, 2003
8 8
Ski or snowboard term - the act of ignoring a trail closed sign to ski freshies
yo fuck that closed sighn im poachin all day today
by k-28 January 12, 2011
2 3
Illiterate term used for common household insects, also known as cockroaches.
"Aaron, your shoes are attracting poaches."
by oxycodiene June 24, 2008
0 3