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13 definitions by Stoolie

To point at an individual with a foam finger
Yes I see that cheerleader on the field, but would you stop with the powerpoint, everyone knows you are gawking.
by Stoolie September 05, 2013
Information gathered from scuttlebutt.
Hey, I saw you to talking to the boss - what is the scutts on the lay-offs?
by Stoolie April 17, 2013
To hire a worker away from a competitor
Wow, ABC research firm just poached our best programmer.
by Stoolie January 02, 2014
The epitome of awesome and cool. When something is so perfect that "cool" or "awesome" or "kickin" is just not enough.
Person 1: OMG the Cubs just won the world series...

Person 2: Sweet Honey Nectar
by Stoolie October 25, 2013
Zero Income No Kids
The days of being a DINK are gone, two lost jobs so now we're a ZINK. Good think we don't have kids.
by Stoolie January 02, 2014
When you get caught up in the moment of an auction or online purchase and buy something you don't really need.
Person 1: Uh why do you have 14 wine bottle stoppers?

Person 2: Ugh, i was shopping online and just had to have them, it's like my brain was taken over by the computer, stupid stupid ebay effect.
by Stoolie May 23, 2014
When someone is comfortable showing off their booty because they are wearing tights. This occurs regularly in yoga class and for those women who wear short skirts.
OH WOW that is a short skirt, but it's ok because she was tighted and so there was no naked buttcheek.
by Stoolie February 04, 2014