another word for wipe out.
or can be used as snipe.
"DUDE, that girl tottally just took a plunge."
"ohh you got him, that was a total plunge!"
by stephannyyyy11 June 16, 2009
Top Definition
While someone is sleeping, you place your asscrack on their nose, and fart.
Dude, I plunged the shit out of that bitch last night!
by BuffDaddyJay March 09, 2011
To Plunge (intr. verb)

1. To give someone an abortion using a plunger; to push at plunger-like object into a woman's vagina (whether or not she is actually pregnant) woman who are considered easy or slutty are usually the targets of plunging

2. To remove a fat deuce from a toilet using a plunger
"FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS! This is for your child! I shall plunge thee!"

"Dude when you accidentally got Mackenzie in the crotch with your crutch, you totally plunged her."

"She just couldn't cut it as a mother at 16 so she had to be plunged."

"I just dropped the biggest log I've ever seen. I was in the bathroom plunging for hours."
by theCripple101 April 22, 2009
the act of stretching your boner through the back of your legs so it is right below the ass cheeks and then jack off while its behind you like a tail. this act when in motion looks like your plunging your anus. it may also be referred to as "fluffing your garfield."
(bill)I got rejected again tom.

(tom) ah man im sorry to hear that. would you like me to plunge you off?

(bill)no thanks,i'll hit up pang instead.
by tophieCC September 15, 2010
To masterbate, to be more specific when you can hear noises whether or not your using lotion or lube.
Lets all have a plungin party, I'll supply the lube
by Eric December 03, 2004
Messy and unkempt hair, more specifically, when one puts one's hair up in a ponytail the hair underneath said ponytail slackens and loosens, thus creating 'plunge'. Can be extended to any kind of loose, uncontrolled hair, such as is common when one takes off one's snug-fitting hat (e.g. beret, fisherman), and which is usually combed out to maintain an acceptable appearance.
1. "Look at the state of your hair, you've got so much plunge."
2. As soon as she took her hat off she had to sort out her plunge.
by cinmond April 09, 2006
V.Sticking the male penis into an upright vagina and going in a downward motion as to simulate a plunging motion
I just Plunged that shit lastnight
by Fat nigga JJ July 09, 2004
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