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1) The missing link in the show winnie the pooh... You never saw him because he was busy picking up pennies so he could get some fucking honey

2) Something u call a jew..
Winnie Rosenberg --> Winnie the jew
by Curly February 28, 2005
when hari is in whoop ass mode
wow u just got jacked by the harinator
by curly March 28, 2004
Godly cool...
see supafly

see ass muppet
Wow Curly is such a jive cat.. some might say he is god.. others might say he is just incredible..
by Curly February 28, 2005
the correct definition of perfect is haleigh.
Haleigh A. is the the most perfect girl to ever grace this earth.
by curly December 21, 2004
To tie barbed wire around a fat girls throat while you stuff baby clown eggs into her rectum
Did you hear that cheeba gave that fat broad a don knotts
by curly December 07, 2003
A designated faction in the World of Warcraft internet game and other Warcraft games, often associated with the "bad" side, "hoarde" is the opposing faction of the "alliance"
Dude, the hoarde totally rapes the alliance!
by Curly March 05, 2005
Another great word for a jew...
a: heh see that jew over there?
b: Yeah
a: Scooby dooby jew
b: hah
by Curly February 28, 2005

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