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A cross between a platypus and a bat.
Dude, did you go to the Ripley's Believe It or Not aquarium? They had a Platt!
by Ashtree Smithers September 12, 2009
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to go on a reality show , knowing that you have no chance of winning, in search of fame.
I think that woman just pulled a platt. She is barred from qualifying because she exceeds the age requirement by 20 gosh darn years.
by provider44 January 16, 2010
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noun. To have a small penis, even when erect.
Guy one: Dude I swear you have a platt
Guy two: Hey man, it satisfied your Mum last night
by Ruthy P August 18, 2006
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The now hard and rotten faeces on the underside of a toilet after it has not been cleaned for over 2 years.
John licked the platt in Oliver's bathroom yesterday.
by Abdul jambual February 18, 2008
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