A massive, often liquid shit which absolutely stinks and leaves the perpetrator with a burning sensation, known as a 'ring of fire', around the anal sphincter.
Dave; Fuck, it stinks round here.

Tom; Fuck yeh, Iain has purged again.
by Tom_00107 April 26, 2008
To make oneself throw up. To "purify" the body of waste.
Today I ate like a whole pizza, cake, 3 sandwiches, and a six pack of beer. I felt so gross so I purged.
by Nicole December 12, 2004
to throw up after u eat, normally bulimics purge right after they eat
i used to binge and purge when i was bulimic.
by lily March 06, 2005
to kill for no cause
concerned human being: did you hear about the killings in Chicago
idiot: yeah they were totally purged
by I'm a loser August 15, 2014
The act of cleansing:
1. A person of their life
2. An infadel of their stupidity, by killing them, of course
3. An army of retards
4. A shower of mildew
1. "Stupid! you die now, please join the line for purgance"
2. "That is SO morrocan! *death*"
3. Stalin LOVED to purge
4. "GOD DAMN mildew! i've been PURGING all day!"
by hex_ten December 23, 2004
The act of Commiting or accepting circumstances of all varying degrees of craziness, danger, and outlandishness.
Man 1 "did you see that family get murdered!?"

Man 2 "yea, purge."
by Purgeking December 10, 2014

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