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Large labia. Pussy flapps
Ouch, careful... I just got my plapps pierced.
by Anita Victim May 02, 2006
128 69
To take a dump while masturbating for the shear joy of the experience.
"I grabbed a bagel and took a plapp."

"John was bragging how he had plapped 4 times while on a long international flight on KLM."
by douganchesner April 28, 2010
8 2
Labia, pussy lips, labial flapps
These tight pants are really aggravating my plapps.
by MAGEEDA May 02, 2006
61 88
boobs, mammaries, breasts, titties
She bared her plapps and pubes
by Shaun February 11, 2004
1 140