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Slang word for Pizza Hut.
Do you want to go to Barfy's, Hardon's, or Taco Smell?
by andy1 May 14, 2005
a hot girl who works at pizza hut
"I totally wanted to do that pizza slut"
by randi December 04, 2003
The art of spreading your ball sack skin across a girl's face. If done correctly, it will look like pizza dough spread out before adding the toppings.
I gave AnnaMarie the pizza slut a couple of months ago. She said if I define it on Urban Dictionary she is going to cut me with her hatchet!
by Paul Allen Owns Your Mom July 07, 2010
A girl that works at Pizza Hut who gets fucked a lot by different men.
Employee: Let me stuff your crust, Pizza Slut.
Pizza Slut: Ok!
peet-suh sluht

1) A women that will exchange any sexual act for pizza.
2) An obese women who wears clothes 5 times too small.
1) "you wanna get out of here and go back to my place?"
"you got some pizza?"

2)" O man, look at that heifer!!"
"yeah....pizza slut"
by Boner time 69 March 25, 2010
An employee of pizza hut that fools around with and/or sleeps with a fellow pizza hut employee.
Did you sleep with the manager?
Welcome to the club you are now officially a pizza slut.
by pizzaslut#1 June 01, 2011
Woman aged 20-70 developing a sudden urge for late night food, usually pizza, between 1 and 4 am. Typical scenario involves pizza slut to dissuade her friends from doing other fun stuff and getting pizza. A group of women will include one pizza slut at the least.
Scott: Hey dude, how was last night?
Arup: Lotta fun, talking to this one chick Julia for a while, ended up getting pretty hammered later in the night.
Scott: What happened with Julia?
Arup: We made out for a bit but she left with pizza sluts.
Scott: Fucking pizza sluts...
by centralparkloop October 30, 2011