(adj.) of or having a feeling of extreme nausea, wherein vomit is palpable and of near certain consequence
"Wow, you look terrible."

"Yeah... <swallowing> ...we shouldn't have mixed <gulping> Jaeger and Wild Turk- <holding breath> Turkey"

"Eiiiw... You feelin' barfy?"

<nods slowly, eyes closed>
by HungoverSnob August 30, 2013
The sickening blur suffered by parents of very young children after listening to hours of Barney videos and Raffi CDs.
All day long! Nothing but Barney and Raffi! Please, it's all just Barfy now.
by ksmanning December 20, 2010
When something goes so far toward the cheesy end of the emotional spectrum that it makes you kind of sick...in a good sort of way.
Most PDA falls into the barfy category, as well as emotional love letters, touching sentiments, etc.

How to use in a running sentence: "Look at that cute couple holding hands, kissing each other as the sun sets on the beach. Barf."

But actually, you are just jealous and would not actually mind being in said situation yourself.

Note that "barf" and "barfy" can be interchanged depending on your personal grammatical preferences.
by naturalmotif October 06, 2009
Barfy is a word describing the desire to throw up or the feeling of throwing up. It can be used in the plural form also.
Girl: Hey you guys wanna do an ab workout?

Boy: No
Girl 2: No way! I'll get the barfys.

You can also use the phrase "down with the barfys".

Ooo wah ah ah
by Alli_zeeee June 14, 2014
desperately and simultaneously wanting to barf (for the relief of the feeling) and not barf (because barfing sucks). usually accompanies extreme anxiety.
never a pleasant feeling.
I'm barfy at the thought of having to deal with my ex today. Maybe I'll get lucky and barf on him!

I'll get around to doing that unpleasant chore when I'm not feeling so barfy.

I can't go out tonight: the thought of seeing him there makes me barfy.
by charlieb6313 September 10, 2012
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