To express disbelief in your friend for not knowing something that is blatantly obvious. Another word for 'duh'.
Red-headed chicks are hot. Pirate.
by Rachael S. Mamane June 21, 2006
The true meaning is to receive head from a female and when you are about to go pull out and shoot it in her eye then quickly punch her in the stomach. One hand goes over the eye and the other over the stomach as she makes a arrggghhhh sound as that of a pirate.
She kept whining about getting it in the mouth so I gave her the pirate
by Jason Lawson January 27, 2006
A brown girl who has long sideburns and wheres gold hoop earings. Usually found in packs and they all have their own nicknames.
Sawa: Check out the sideburns on that girl!
Awwie: And the earrings!
Sawa: Haha do yo know what she reminds me of?
Awwie: A pirate?!?!
by holachica4 May 08, 2006
queers, gays, sausage jockeys. they are 'pirates of men's pants' (rhyming slang for pirates of penzance)
in the same way someone would say bet he's a jockey (see above)
you would say he's a guaranteed pirate!
by Just Joey July 12, 2006
A term referring to 1700's sea-raiders who disturbingly enough were mostly homosexuals because of mostly all men crews.
"Yarrg" said the pirate. "My you sure are a homosexual." replied Johnny.
by Merchant August 06, 2005
Older name for a Pastafarian. Commonly confused with Anti-ninjas, which is wrong, because ninja are Pastafarian too. There are even ninja-pirates. Not to be confused with pirate-ninja though, they are something entirely different.
Real Pirate: "Arrr, Hail the pasta!"
by direwolf December 03, 2014

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