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7 definitions by familyguy

a very stupid person
Gary must be the dim bulb in that group.
by familyguy April 26, 2005
(NOUN) An Afican-American male under 18 years of age, Whose name is unknown. Believed to be a mixture of names that are common to the black community. i.e..Jamal,James,Jamar,Jerome,Jay,Jamile, Jaime,Jerry and nigga.
"If I ever catch that Jamigga that stole my bike.I will hang his ass out to dry." "Hey Tamika, who was that Jamigga I seen you with?"
by familyguy April 26, 2005
A major league baseball team from Pittsburgh, Pa.
"In 1992, when the Atlanta Braves stole the NLCS from the Pirates, Pittsburgh lost interest in baseball and Sid Bream Sucks!" "Barry Bonds started taking steroids after losing the NLCS for the Pirates."
by familyguy May 03, 2005
when the person to which you are tossing a salad farts and shoots a piece of shit into your mouth and SCOOORRREEESSS!!!
"I didn't mean to play air hockey Bill, but you've got me so relaxed I could not control myself."
by familyguy April 26, 2005
When a woman is on her period and is acting like a bitch.
"Sorry guys I can't go out tonight. The wife has been socking it this week."
by familyguy April 26, 2005
A poor womans pad during her period or when caught by surprise. This is where the missing sock goes every month.
"Hey baby are you off the sock yet?"
by familyguy April 26, 2005
a rag or towel used to wipe the cum off your partner or youself after sex,
Don't touch that tara! That's daddy's snot rag.
by familyguy April 26, 2005