Pink is what girls want when they are little
I want this bedcover because it is pink!!
by melanie November 21, 2003
(adj.) - possessing homosexual qualities and/or tendencies, gay-like, faggot-like
You pink nigga! Blowin kisses at a man aint cool.
by D Dot Spitz April 30, 2006
a couple who are in love having any type of sex, such as phone sex, "sex", cyber sex or any other sex you can think of. Also the feeling of being horny or :in the mood".
"I want to be pink"
"I'm so pink right now"
by Nick Mckinley November 09, 2007
1. A colour.
2. In some regions, describes one's sexual orientation - in this case, that one prefers girls.
1. 'Yay! A pink teddy!'
2. 'Are you pink, purple or blue?'
by EmptyMask October 26, 2006
Pinks are also known as nicks chicks
by _Tree_ August 10, 2006
being happy, or jolly, it can also be mean the color pink
person1: are you feeling pink?
person2: yeh im feeling happy =]


person1: are you wearing a pink shirt?
person2: hellz ya =]
by x-generation.Z April 16, 2006
1.) ADJ. Someone who is clearly femininly gay
2.) ADJ. Someone who is a big pussy
3.) ADJ. used to describe something "gay" or "stupid"
1.) "Look at Steve, he's definately pink."
2.) "Stop being so pink and shoot this firework out of your ass."
3.) "Dude, singing 'A Thousand Miles' is pink."
by eat shit. May 28, 2007

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