A humourous and lovable character who loves his pink shirts.
We all love Pinks, he is a great guy.
by Suzypoo October 16, 2003
1. A colour.
2. In some regions, describes one's sexual orientation - in this case, that one prefers girls.
1. 'Yay! A pink teddy!'
2. 'Are you pink, purple or blue?'
by EmptyMask October 26, 2006
the former "girls'" color
now worn by confident guys
Only girls can wear pink.
No, real men wear pink.
by passionateforapathy March 07, 2005
an aerosmith song abought gettin pussy
pink when i turn out the lights
pink oh its red but not quiet
and so on
by Karanandos Meneski December 02, 2004
1. The opposite of giving knucks. To press ones pinkies together as a greeting or to celebrate.
2. The best thing that has ever happened to planet earth.
Knucks(push knuckles together), Thumbs (push thumbs together), Pinks (push pinkies together)
by dancing banana April 08, 2007
A color that emo people and rocker posers are afraid of. its an okay color, but personally, i dress in green, blue, grey, brown, and black.
Girl: Hey brother, doesn't this look good on me? (is shown wearing a hot pink dress)

Brother(Emo Kid): MY EYES! THEY BURN!
by xXxI'm not OkayxXx November 27, 2006
(adj.) - possessing homosexual qualities and/or tendencies, gay-like, faggot-like

You pink ass nigga, why you blowin kisses at me?!?!
by D Dot Spitz April 16, 2006

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