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A general name for wealthy females, the female children of the Nuevo riche or ditzy whores. It is a country club reference (that is to say, it began by watching people in country clubs). It can be used to describe: sorority girls, models, female celebrities who serve no purpose other then existing, and the majority of rich girls in California.
Pinks enjoy being cock teases and spending daddy’s money.
by YesYes October 23, 2006
The color Tom Cruise invented.
Tom Cruise is a fag who invented Pink.
the bestest color of all life!- pink is not just a color- its an attitude!
Damn- my ass is pink----- "whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed!"
but orange is pretty damn awesome!
by krissy blonde February 21, 2004
(Prop N) Alicia Moore. A singer who used to sing lead sing for a punk rock band, then signed on to Arista Records, sold out like blink 182 to sing Destiny's Child style music, then now turned to do Pop rock music.
by QZkotL July 20, 2003
Meaning to have a penis the size of a pinky, wha-pun
Look at Dean, he's got him a little pinks
by Sir Pinks March 23, 2005
The best damn mother-fucking colour in the world!
Why is pink considered non-masculine? Anyone who doesn't like pink is a Justin Timberlake fraggot.
by Hung Lo February 05, 2005
the coolest mother fuckin color in the world cause all the other colors arnt nearly as cool except purple but it is still number one
what is your fav. color
dude pink by far
dude that is a chick color
no fuck you it is the coolest color int the god damn world
by scotty 1 and emery June 07, 2004