the coolest mother fuckin color in the world cause all the other colors arnt nearly as cool except purple but it is still number one
what is your fav. color
dude pink by far
dude that is a chick color
no fuck you it is the coolest color int the god damn world
by scotty 1 and emery June 07, 2004
Anytype Of Porno
by Brendan Zammit September 29, 2003
Pink is a the new blue. Pink is very popular because a male or a female can wear it. It is a beautiful and stylish color that almost every female loves and it is a tight color for pimps.
ex. # 1:
Girl:Wow girl that pink skirt is gonna make a nigga get at it tonight.
ex. # 2:
Girl:Ooh! Look your man is rockin' a pink tee. Now that's what i call pimpin'
by numba1pimpette August 04, 2005
a color worn by females, homosexuals, and dumbasses who think its a gangsta/pimp/cool/hip/phat/hot/thugish color.
the color pink was NOT meant to be worn by men.
if you are a male and dont wear pink, your cool in my book
if you have worn pink before and regret it, your forgivin
if your male and wear pink and dont regret it, youll probley be mobbed walking down a street.
man1: "check it man im wearing pink, how manly am i?"
man2: "not very..more like how feminine are you. loser"
by playa del seville November 30, 2005
1. Color seen as the most stereotypical "feminine" color.
2. Singer (real name Alicia Moore) who started out doing rap, then pop, then more emotional (but not emo) pop. Married to Carey Hart, who has begun referring to himself as "Mr. Pink", not only because of his marriage but because he likes Reservoir Dogs.
1. "I don't know, she's bound to like something pink."
2. "Eh, Pink's okay, but what she lacks in range she makes up for in the body department. Carey Hart is a lucky bastard."
by kev07 August 19, 2006
pink is what colour a white mans dick is pink and small
me "wow my dick nice and big and black"
honky "ohhh mines small and a weird gay pink colour"
by oliforde January 31, 2008
A very successful pop artist with a pretty cool raspy voice. Considers herself a "rockstar" but I definitely wouldn't consider her music rock. It's pretty much just gritty pop. Also, she mostly thinks all girly girls are stupid, which is very wrong in my opinion. Her video for "Stupid Girl" shows this viewpoint. Basically, the message in her video is that if you're not a politician or a tomboy, and you like barbies, fashion, and spray tans, this automatically makes you a bimbo. Not cool. I don't really appreciate that message. However, her message about Paris Hilton, sex tapes, and anorexia and spot-on perfect.
Pink: I don't wanna be a stupid girl!!

Me: (facepalm) Wow.
by The Mandon November 11, 2010
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