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A magical color, that sadly almost all girl love creating a stereotype. Or the suggestion that all men wear and like pink are "gay".
Yea dude all girls love pink I bet Kate will love it!
by UnclearJewel May 14, 2014
The manliest color ever made. Used to be the color for boys and blue was the color for girls, until they got switched around for some reason.
Average Dude: Oh hey, what's up--whoa, what the hell are you wearing?
Muscular Manly Dude: A pink shirt. Pink's my favorite color. Didn't you know that?
by A Splashing Koi February 13, 2012
the passage leading from the uterus to the vulva in certain female mammals. Compare oviduct.
i was covered in "pink" last night

chek out dat "pink" over deso

is painting the town "pink"
by patrick da boss nigga toss July 13, 2011
THE hottest singer to have ever walked this face of the earth!!! Married to the hottest guy ever, Carey Hart

known from the hits like:
"Get The Party Started"
"Dont let me get me"
"Who Knew"
"Dear Mr. President"

and many more. p!nk also stars in the horror movie "Catacombs"
1. pink made a new music video last night

2. pink is so hot
by kay neubauer November 02, 2007
Person who doesn't tip. Taken from Steve Buscemis Resavoir Dogs character, Mr. Pink.
What an asshole that guy ordered 2 rounds of drinks, and then he pinked me.
by Fat Nik April 24, 2003
The only color that Chuck Norris didn't create. Tom Cruise created pink.
In Chuck Norris's life, the only thing he didn't create was pink. Tom Cruise made pink.
by Doaders592 November 01, 2010
Penis, Cock, Dick etc
Woow man I heard you were smoking that guys pink last night!
by theowalcott12121212 February 02, 2011