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N. a person who acts like a bitch and often does bitch work for others in order to climb the social ladder.
That bitch basically sucked your dick he was trying so hard to impress. What a pink.
by Anneke12 November 15, 2010
A very successful pop artist with a pretty cool raspy voice. Considers herself a "rockstar" but I definitely wouldn't consider her music rock. It's pretty much just gritty pop. Also, she mostly thinks all girly girls are stupid, which is very wrong in my opinion. Her video for "Stupid Girl" shows this viewpoint. Basically, the message in her video is that if you're not a politician or a tomboy, and you like barbies, fashion, and spray tans, this automatically makes you a bimbo. Not cool. I don't really appreciate that message. However, her message about Paris Hilton, sex tapes, and anorexia and spot-on perfect.
Pink: I don't wanna be a stupid girl!!

Me: (facepalm) Wow.
by The Mandon November 11, 2010
a woman's vulva, the whole vaginal area
Good Guys is the only strip club in DC where the dancers are allowed to show pink.
by Pagan Marbury July 19, 2006
Pink used to be a fine, okay color, mixed from red and white. Unfortunately when trends took over, they took pink with it, and made it into a marketing device of pure evil.
You cant walk into an aisle of a store without half of it some how containing pink.
by oslapedo February 21, 2006
Otherwise known as a nice pussy!
"Well would you look at the pink on her?"
by Derk Man December 11, 2007
derived from getting "greens" when smoking marijuana, Pinks is a verb informing all males around you that you have first dibs on sex with the girl you called Pinks on
"Damn shes hot"

"The one in the striped shirt?"

"Ya dude. Pinks on Stripes"

"Shit. DUBS!"
by Sup3r-Luis April 07, 2009
to hit some one repeatedly on the chin, the make-believe sound punches make before one is knocked out.
"I hit that nigga like- PINK! PINK! PINK!- And down his dumb ass went!"
by Rekio Frost September 21, 2006