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Name of the Psudo Pink Floyd rocker character in the film The Wall, written by none other than Pink Floyd. He never speaks in the movie, as the whole thing is a string of trippy cartoons and Pink in various scenes from his childhood, and scenes from the TV he's watching.
...........(staring blankly at the TV)- Pink
by unoriginal name June 30, 2006
138 97
an irritating choice of word for "pussy" or any vaginal based slang, used in the original manga books of "Battle Royale" when translated into english.
"tell me something i wanna hear, tell me of some pink, tell me something i can masturbate over"
by shrug January 28, 2004
313 288
PINKS: (Colloq) Slang corruption of the formal SubGenius derogatory term PINK BOYS, meaning any sheeplike status-quo normalcy dupe, living in terror of making his or her own decisions, usually possessed of an unusually 'blank' facial expression, characterized by mental temerity
masked by physical self-assurance. Term does not refer to skin color, sexual identity or proclivities, or age, though it does derive from black slang for "suburban white man." What is "pink," in the Subgenius
definition, is their outlook.
"Sure, they're Pink, but their money is green."
by Lyra721 December 03, 2007
41 32
a brand of clohting from the victoria's secret range. consists of brightly coloured comfortable sweatpants, hoodies, & some lingerie.
became hugley popular when jessica simpson was seen wearing a pair of blue pink sweatpants.

particularly popular with college or university students.

girl 1: 'omg, did you see vicky the other day wearing those really cute blue pink sweatpants?'
girl 2:'yeah, the exact jessica simpson ones'
Girl 1: 'omg, i gotta get me a pair of those'
by dialjforjuicy October 01, 2007
53 47
1. The color pink, white with a soft amount of red, or red with some added white.
2. A pop singer, right now most famous for her new hit 'So What'. She spells it P!nk. Obviously, P!nk is not her real name :)
1. "The rose is a shade of pink"
2. "P!nk rocked her concert last night!"
by Jewel-Leeana February 09, 2009
27 22
Slang for "car title" that originated in California, where car titles are pink.
"Yo dawg I'll race you for pinks."
by andsat March 13, 2009
9 9
(referring to color of clothing) worn by girly girls and/or men who just want attention -- since ~some~ girls think it's hot for men to wear pink.
G1: Look, he's wearing pink right now. He's soo~ hot.
G2: Oh yeah? Then how about those other 85% guys around us wearing the same color?

I go to the mall and see guys wearing pink, it doesn't even suit them. They're obviously the ones who wear clothes they *think* are in fashion, --they don't even check if it looks good on them.
by sleazoid May 28, 2006
30 30