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An abbreviation for decent meaning appropriate, fairly good, adequate, or satisfactory

*Can also be used as undeso meaning not good at all, below average, or not up to standards
My grades this semester were pretty deso.
He looked extra undeso today.
by Naja Edwards October 07, 2007
A gorgeous female, usually of Asian of Pacific Islander descent.
Damnnnn did you see that girl Desos at the bowling alley? She was mind blowing.
by WangoTango27 July 10, 2010
Designated Driver. One who can't drink during a night out in order to drive accompanying parties safely home.
I'm the deso, deso and I'm rocking super clean so show me some love (I'm taking one for the team)
by robby.sizzle February 19, 2013
being the designated driver for the night. thus not being aloud to drink
mate wanna drink vodka out my ass?
nah cant sorry im the deso
by taytay69 August 16, 2010
An abbreviation (abbrev, if you will) for desole, which is the French term for "I'm sorry".
*bump into someone

"deso, I was pushed."
by sweetjumps February 08, 2006
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