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to move your lips to song vocals while not acutally singing them
shania twain
by imalive December 10, 2003
An online chatting term used short for you are or your.
"Whats ur new screen name?"
"Ur dumb, spell out the whole word, its two more letters moron!"
by imalive December 10, 2003
actually the ancient romans had the first gangs
1.What you a ganster foo?! What what what.
by imalive January 21, 2004
is used to dexcribe when one is being a wuss, or "pussy" (thats where the P comes from)
"Drink it man!! You got way too much vitamin P!"
by imalive December 12, 2003
A pop singer
The female vagina
1.Did you see Pink on t.v. last night?
2.Pink got her pink licked on live tv!
by imalive December 10, 2003
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