1) To have ecstatic euphoria directed over an object

2) Squeal in delight for days.
I'm piggies for some ice-cream right now.
by Luskca June 12, 2011
A nickname for Sheffield united fans invented by Sheffield Wednesday fans.
Mainly due to their unhygenic appearance and their wearing of streaky bacon colours.
Look at that red and white piggy bastard from the poor side of Sheffield
by Fount of knowledge November 11, 2004
Ashlee. Eats a lot of food instead of doing more important things.
Why haven't you called me piggy?
by swegboy September 20, 2014
West Indian slang for penis usually used by children and adolecents
Aye boy, show me your piggy nah!
by trinislakkrr October 26, 2011
what jaggalos/ettes and psychopathic records workers call rich people sometimes

piggy - rich snobby person
chicken - redneck
lets kill that piggy because he listens to feminem and is a snobby bitch!
by morning wood September 28, 2004
Any person of below average intelligence or ability
Let's go piggy the light turned green five minutes ago!


Mr. Beiber we regret to inform you that you have not been accepted to our fine college, due mostly to the fact that you are a piggy
by not a piggy March 23, 2011
(verb) to snitch, to get someone in trouble.
I can't believe you would piggy on your brother.
Yo dude, you better not piggy on me.
by Fat_Jesus April 20, 2010
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