Piggies.....Bolton Wanderers & their fans.

A play on Bolton Wanderers nick-name 'the trotters'. Pigs have trotters, thus the name piggies when reffering to Bolton.

(also known as notlob or notlobbers

Bolton have no rivals, as nobody rates them enough.
"who are the piggies playing today?"
"Has Jabba Allardyce left the piggies in the lurch?"
"Just watch the piggies sink now"
by Dr Fox May 08, 2007
refers to a female companion or companions affectionately.
Im goin to see my piggies tonight, they are having a party at the pigpen.
by RudeRugger April 29, 2008
what 2pac called Biggylook at the video "Amerikaz Most Wanted" ull see it
2pac:who was that piggy?

biggie(not him) Dont kill me pac
by AC August 21, 2003
Used often to refere to somebody often who is sick minded of perverted
"Shit why is Cj so piggy?"
by Randy Littlechild August 10, 2004
a talking pig hand puppet that comes to life when attached to a hand to receive energy from. overly friendly, sensitive, and talks in a funny voice. friends with wolfie. used to have a non-aired non-filmed television show where piggy and wolfie wake people up.
what's that pig puppet on your hand? is he friendly?

yeah, it's umm, piggy.

ahhhhh!!! get him off my face! get it off my face! you weirdo!
by my name is james April 30, 2006
Kimmys baby also know as Ravin ... a cute little shit
Piggy need to stop callin me dadada im a chick
by MO November 02, 2003
A fat sweaty resident assistant
Piggy is a fat sweaty pig.
by GangstaE April 24, 2003

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