A MkIII Toyota Supra. So called because they're bloated and overweight compared to the much more stylish MkII.
I'd rather walk than be seen in a piggy.
by Suprasrock May 27, 2004
Is what Sheffield Wednesday fans are known as. They try and label the blades fans as piggys but they are fighting a lost cause because everyone knows Wednesday as the piggys. This once great club has now fallen into obscurity. Yorkshire is embarassing enough but Sheff Wed is now the embarassment of Yorkshire. These people must be sick and tired about hearing how big Wednesday are, when really the bottom line is they make Doncaster look good.

As for Sheffield itself, its become one big pile of mess ever since the steel industry collapsed. Therefore, it is understandable that the working class folk of sheffield battle day and night to call each other piggy's.
An example of a piggy will be found at Hillsbrough. As the saying goes, if pigs could fly, hillsbrough would be an airport
by Danny Smith November 11, 2004
A very very special girl that IS married to jonathan so bak off or we will have a problem. Very smart an edumacated but kan act slow at times =], very very sexy and loved by jonathan . This girl is my reason for happiness she makes me smile and every moment i wish i spent with her. Shes my everythin and i love her wit all my heart and if u want to go governmental u kan call her Cinthya buh make sure u spell it right =]
IFLY piggy
froggy and piggy forever
#cinthya #jonathan #51108 #piggy #froggy
by Froggy<3Piggy June 12, 2008
the shittest animal in the world loved by gay people who abuse them


a gay person
he's a piggy
by kill piggy crew May 04, 2004
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