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The act of looking in someone else's Pigeon-hole for the purpose of obtaining personal information about the individual.

It is a common
practice among college, university and high-school students. This practice is ususally exercised by students who are obsessed with comparing their academic achievements with classmates.

Some find it to be highly invasive. This offense is serious; it is an invasion of privacy and can be categorized as a violation of personal property-rights.
Clark: Hey dude.How did you score on the coursework?

Kent: I aced it. I got 96%.

Clark: That's sick dude! I wonder how I scored.

(out of nowhere, Tiffanie appears)

Tiffanie: You got a 14.

Clark:14 what?

Tiffanie: 14 percent.


(Tiffanie Exits)

Kent: How'd she know that?

Clark: Clearly she's a Pigeon-stalker.
by teffy91 August 24, 2011
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