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1. The rubbing of the buttocks against another pair of buttocks, particularly in a public venue, such as a park or heath.

- He was morganing last night again.
- What piers morganing? Where?
- In the park. With a policeman. The dirty perv.

2. Sitting down on the ground and then propelling oneself forward with the hands, in a similar manner to a dog attempting to clean its anus.

3. The licking of celebrity bottoms, particularly low class 'D list' types, ex Big Brother contentants, minor actors, politicians and chefs.

- He was piersmorganing Shia Lebouf last night, all night. The dirty perv.

4. The blatant telling of lies - in either a diary or newpaper.

- He can't help piersmorganing, he's never told the truth in his life. The lying git.

5. The pretence of possessing enough talent to judge others

- He's no talent show judge, he's only piersmorganing.

6. The self delusion that makes the skin sweat cold.

- I can't look at him anymore, not since he started piersmorganing again. Gold help me!
Piers Morganing Peers Moron Lies Morgan Buttocks Talent Show X Factor Daily Mirror Idiot Liar Anus Cunt Fool Delusion
by Rendevous August 17, 2009
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