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to deface a known assholes doorstep in the dead of night with a foul food product. Examples include chili, spam, pigs feet, and roadkill stuffed with all of the above.
we went morganing at some assholes house and left an entire turkey dinner infested with maggots tied to his mailbox.
by wendy15 May 31, 2007
the act of believing that your funny whenever people laugh at something you say.

its because you retarded, not funny.
Person 1: "... and thats why the chicken crossed the road!"

Person 2: "lol hahahah rofl lmfao"

Person 1: "i'm hilarious!"

Person 3: " lol dude your totally morganing, what you said was stupid!"
by sebastianakatRod May 11, 2010
Calling a girl unattractive and the most annoying girl in the world, but then getting cross-faded as an excuse to hook up with her anyway.
"Dude, Kayla was so horny last night I had to go Morganing"
by Lillipup June 17, 2012
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