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1. The bulge in ones pocket caused by a cell phone

2. when you get a hard on through talking to someone on the phone
"I was talking to Karen on the phone last night, it got pretty hot and I got a phoner."
by Jeff Rollins July 15, 2006
An erection that occurs while talking on the phone to a girlfriend or some other real or imagined sexual partner.
Tiger just finished a call with his girlfriend. He was afraid to get out of the car for fear that his wife would notice his phoner.

I could tell by Kobe's phoner that his phone conversation was getting pretty hot.
by Mr. Johnny Fingers April 08, 2010
That awkward bump that occurs when your phone moves over in your pocket close to your crotch. This happens most frequently with girls in tighter pants and large pockets.
"I hate these pants! Every time I sit down my phone moves too close to my crotch! it looks like a boner!" "No man, that's a phoner!"
by Franz Kiplar Wednesday October 25, 2009
When your phone moves itself awkwardly towards your penis in your pocket.
"Dude, fix your pockets man, I can totally see your phoner"
by That one girl over there. October 20, 2009
An erection gotten while talkinng with someone on the phone.
Dude Joanne had such a sexy voice she called me and I totally popped a phoner
by Mytummyhertz August 28, 2009
An intense feeling or hard on of sorts elicited by seeing or using someone's neat cell phone.
Mark's cell is so cool, it seems useful in all the right ways, plus it makes awesome alert sounds, I definitely got a phoner for it.
by TeresaAA June 13, 2009
When someone, male or female, has a bulge in their front pocket due to a phone. A phone boner.
Omg, look at how big his phoner is!
My phoner is vibrating.
by Casey and Dean March 09, 2008