n; The outline of a cellphone poking through one's pocket. Bastardization of boner.
"Dude, if you don't hide your phoner the teacher's going to know you've got a phone in your pocket."
by theman2134 May 12, 2010
When you have your phone in your pocket and gives it the appearance of a boner.
Dude, at the dance last night she totally grinded my phoner.
by XxBigDaddyxX April 26, 2010
A interview with a major media outlet. Almost always done on an Iphone. As to show up other people.
Sue- "I've got a phoner in a bit. That's lingo for an interview with a major media outlet. I'll probably do it on my Iphone."
by Brad1497 September 29, 2009
Appearance of having a sizeable boner due to having your large PDA or smartphone in your front pocket.
Rach: Dude, youre rockin a sick boner right now you creep.
Tad: No actually thats my phone. im rockin a total phoner right now.
by Quantumface August 24, 2009
When a phone, typically a cellular phone, is in a mans front pocket near his penis and a woman sees it and mistakes it for a boner.
"Wow your boner is huge", "no its just my phoner."
by eke_2010 May 11, 2009
A bulge in the front of one's pants from the combination of either too large of a phone/too tight of trousers; not necessarily representing an erection, but embarrasing none the less.
I but my Zach Morris phone in my cut-offs and now I have a phoner.
by Dave P. D. September 23, 2005
A phoner is a someone who has entered a store of some type while on their cellular device and who then attempts to perform some form of business transaction with a clerk. They use rudimentary forms of gestures and facial expressions to try and inform the clerk of the item they would like to purchase. They rarely use words and if they do it is in low tones, so that they are not rude to the person on the other end of their conversation, but also so they will be nearly inaudible to the clerk.
Clerk: One day I am going to shove a cell phone down a phoner's throat.

Clerk: I just had to help ANOTHER phoner. Why can't they just ask the person they are on the phone with to "Hold on a moment."?

Clerk: I hate phoners; they are so rude!

Clerk: I just hung up that phoner's phone while they were in mid sentence! (This is usually fallowed by a high-five from another clerk.)
by Harleq August 17, 2010
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