Philip he is 6 foot tall skinny as a rail, yet can eat you out of house and home. He thinks he's the shit. Says and does dumb things, and can annoy the hell out of you to the point that you want punch his lights out. warning can be a hazzard to your life.
Person 1. Man I'm hungry, I want to make some toast.

Action: bread is toasting, puts plastic on top of toaster.

Person 2. Whats that smell? OMG!!! did you really freaking put plastic on the toaster!

What a SPED thats a freaking Philip moment.
by The Shizznator May 12, 2010
N. a lover of a girl who is in love with the lover
Aleshia is dating Philip, she loves him with her whole heart.
by aleshialovesphilip January 27, 2009

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