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Usually tall, shy, and very cute, but not on purpose. Doesn't know shit about how to flirt but knows how to let the girl know he likes her. Sometimes awkward around girls. Won't hug girls because he thinks it might be awkward. Very sensitive and will always be there for you.
Person 1: Man, those two would be really cute together, too bad that guy is too much of a philip to even hug her...

Person 2: I know right!
by legend_in_the_process!!!!!! November 07, 2010
a young male man who often takes the form of a pelican
u see that pelican, he is really a philip
by mr. squiggle December 25, 2008
Formally Royal Philips Electronics NV, A Dutch electronics manufacturer. Philips makes consumer electronics, communications electronics, medical systems, electronic components and much more. Philips is listed on the AEX in Amsterdam and in the US. The company CEO, Gerard Kleisterlee, used to work for Compaq. Popular products include the Philishave electrical shaver, the senseo coffeemaker and the streamium home wireless audio/video distribution system
Look it's a philips senseo coffeemaker
by Henk Bral September 29, 2007
Noun. (Fil-uhp) ~ A Philip is a guy who cares; a guy who actually means it when he says I love you; a guy who always opens doors for you just because he is really THAT kind hearted and sweet; he is your best friend, and your boyfriend at the same time. You would be lucky if you got to meet a Philip even ONCE in your life time, and if you ever did, you would know it from the moment you first glanced at him in seventh grade science class. He has the absolute best personality a person could ever possibly posses, and once, and if, you meet him you WILL fall in love. He is the most gorgeous person that has ever existed, and know words in this universe could ever truly begin to describe him. His beautiful blue eyes remind you of the ocean, and his long red curly hair is amazing. I love you Philip<3
Kelli: "Oh wow, just look at him, I can't believe he's mine..." (Thinks to herself as she walks over to her boyfriend, Philip.)

Philip: *standing there with a smile on his face*
by GuessWhat-I'mAnonymous;) January 06, 2014
The most amazing person you will ever meet. Tall dark and handsome, sweet and kind. Usually has a manly beard.
eg. That guy is such a Philip!
by missphilly August 07, 2011
Noun (n):

The proper name for a man who loves an amazing woman with constancy and passion. Philips are smart and funny, but not above a little stupidity. Their noses tend to reflect the size of their... um... hearts and capacity for love. They also have trouble containing their feelings of love, which can burst out in odd ways; such as love bites. This example may, or may not, be evidence of vampiric tendencies. But in either case having a little antiseptic handy is never a bad idea when involved with a Philip.

Verb (v):

To love or to act as a Philip.
He is such a Philip.
He really philips her.
by SantaP December 12, 2010
Literally THE hottest guy alive. Although he may be an asshole, he still picks up every girl he looks at. He never had a girlfriend but only because of his complications with commitment. Usually a German but has a sensitive heart and soul. He has perfect hair and usually wears it perfectly winded back. He likes wearing v-necks and dressing classy for every given occasion. Nice bodied man with a kind heart that likes to travel with many girls.
Wow look at that Philip. Acting like a Cheesesteak right now.
by rolfo046 April 20, 2013