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A completely stunning guy. Dashingly handsome, he is the most wonderful person you will meet. He's awesome, cool, super funny, awesome, funny, super cool, gorgeous, super awesome and all the perfect things in life. He's always there to make you feel better when others are bringing you down. Very caring, protective and a real sweetheart. He's strong, muscular, athletic, adorable and very sexy. He's the most amazing person you will ever meet. Complete awesomeness.
Manda: "did you see that simply awesome guy before?"
Lisa: "of course, he was completely awesome"
Manda: "I'm not feeling to great... I wonder if he'll be able to share with me some of his oozing awesomeness"
Lisa: "of course Manda, Philip just has to stand next to you and you'll be basing in his awesomeness." :)
by Eyekiddo June 05, 2010

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