Ray of sunshine. Too pure for this world. Somehow adorable and sexy at the same time.
Dan: See that guy over there?
Emilia: Yea?
Dan: You could literally photosynthesize off of him.
Emilia: Whats his name?
Dan: Phil.
by dbdhdbdjdn January 03, 2016
An awesome lad, who is the greatest of the great. But flawed by being stuck traveling the same road everyone else has already traveled. He loves to write fables about others, this brinngs peace within himself for all his short comings in life.
When I grow up I want to be like Phil, but I don't want to sound like a broken record.
by PhildaMaster June 18, 2010
verb: to pull a Phil is to say something completely nonsensical which confuses/baffles human beings with normal, functioning brains.

noun: Phils are generally below average intelligence and have a tendency to do stupid things. Beware of encountering a Phil. They may fool you with their university "degrees", charm and dazzling smile, but their idiocy is highly contagious.
"Dude, he totally pulled a Phil and tried to clean those dishes with a microwave!"

"Did he just confuse armadillos with dinosaurs? That guy is such a Phil..."
by Miss Fantastic November 25, 2009
The most brilliant person you'll ever meet in your lifetime. Incredible on the guitar, and spends upwards of 200$ at a time at records stores, you'll always want to find a Phil if you want to listen to good music. His vocals are the most incredible of any boy in the world, raspy and soothing at the same time. He's the kind of person you could take trains, planes and automobiles to, anywhere in the entire world. Looking at constellations, explosions, and everything else. The kind of boy whose eyes you could look into forever and ever, as you wake up next to him and remember that you've never been more in love in your life. His knowledge of everything from Taoism to the best bands you'll ever hear of, makes him all the more loveable. Phil is a certified mind blower, writing with extravagance and sounding like a poet each and every time he opens his mouth to speak. Trustworthy and comforting to the core, Phil is worth everything that anyone could give.
Friend: So, you and that brilliant gentleman?

Me: We're not dating. But yes. I've got myself a Phil alright.
by strypes January 25, 2014
To pull a Phil- throwing a type of fragmentation grenade through a window or door. But you miss the window/door, and the grenade bounces back and detonates on you.
Mike: Pop a frag through that window...
*Throws grenade*
Kyle: Run!!!
Mike: Did you pull a Phil???!!!!
by hklover556 January 27, 2013
Acronym: Prison Homosexuals In Lockdown.
Bubba gets P.H.I.L.
by greenmiler June 09, 2013
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