A sexually frustrated man/boy who thinks he can get anyone , and them play the off. Phil sometimes is nice and also a cunt, he goes and gets pissed on weeknights, but EVERYWEEKEND. He leads girls on and hurts them. He's a decent guy a first then he just turns ugly! Types of Phil include nice,polite,pissed,fun,annoying,clingy,ignorant. Sounds like a cunt.. Then he probably is . O and he also has crabs
Phil talks to girl, then phil goes to town to get 'mashed' and gets off with ugly ginger girls, when his bird is FIT and all his mates want her.
by dykeomitus March 13, 2012
A very sexy, mid-twenties man who is very talented, possible blonde or a musician.

The American equivalent of "Sheila."
Look, there's one hot Phil coming our way!
by fakefoot August 24, 2009
a self-described 'Playa', often seen wearing stylish clothes (typically a kangol and turtleneck) and having a mustache.

He believes himself to weild great power and is heavily connected in the underworld.
Phil has appeared in the Washington Post for promoting a fight between Bea Arthur and Mike Tyson.
by bon1 July 25, 2008
A strange species of inbred human shit from the lost world, Pakistan. They are easily recognizable for their lack of intelligence, infected lip piercings, and a very strange looking mohawk. If you come in contact with a Phil be sure not to look at it directly for its ugliness may cause permanent eye damage. They are loners and very dangerous in social events.
Guy 1: Hey, who's that guy?
Guy 2: Oh, that's Phil. Don't make eye contact!
Guy 1: Why not?
Guy 2: Last person who did went blind.
by DinasaurHunter October 03, 2011
Short for philly. Used to talk about getting a blunt around parentals or other authority figures.
"Hey man, you wanna get lifted?"
"Then on your way out stop and pick up Phil."
by Whirrrrly March 02, 2007
v. follow. to be behind the leader.
I gave a taco to a lonely person, who has to buy his friends, now he phil me where ever I go. Finally I said,' STOP PHILLING ME! YOUR CREEPING ME OUT!'
by sailsman December 11, 2010
To constantly fall into a deep sleep while at work, usually accompanied by loud snoring.
I got in trouble from my boss because she caught me taking a Phil.

After I Philled, I felt completely refreshed for my afternoon meeting.

I need some NoDoz because I keep Philling at my desk.
by verifone August 01, 2006
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