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v. follow. to be behind the leader.
I gave a taco to a lonely person, who has to buy his friends, now he phil me where ever I go. Finally I said,' STOP PHILLING ME! YOUR CREEPING ME OUT!'
by sailsman December 11, 2010
a guy who is an immature jerk. has no feelings toward girls. just wants thier body, and nude pictures, nothing else. also cannot take a joke. yet a really good kisser
-"that kiss was a phil"

-"he kept asking me for dirty pictures"

"he deffenitly was a phil"
by nijaturtle blankett July 12, 2009
Short for philly. Used to talk about getting a blunt around parentals or other authority figures.
"Hey man, you wanna get lifted?"
"Then on your way out stop and pick up Phil."
by Whirrrrly March 02, 2007
To constantly fall into a deep sleep while at work, usually accompanied by loud snoring.
I got in trouble from my boss because she caught me taking a Phil.

After I Philled, I felt completely refreshed for my afternoon meeting.

I need some NoDoz because I keep Philling at my desk.
by verifone August 01, 2006
A phil is a simple being. Tends to think he is not gay, but goes around telling everyone he is a flaming homosexual. That is just a phil's way of coming out of the closet. Can also be used to explain how gay something/someone is.
"Oh no, Phil is gay!"

"Stop being a phil."

"That song is so phil."
by Leoturd April 13, 2009
Is Gods Father
'Sorry Phil'
by Lhip January 04, 2009
Nicknamed "Phil-ous", pretends to be Dr. Phil. Drives a red mustang, smokes a lot and thinks he's really funny; but really isn't.
You're being such a Phil
by mitch_hellyeah December 09, 2008