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Is Gods Father
'Sorry Phil'
by Lhip January 04, 2009
62 99
To get rid of a rather difficult girlfriend/boyfriend/job
"Dude, I just philed myself from Jeanny..."
by Frank Jaegger December 10, 2006
65 103
To constantly fall into a deep sleep while at work, usually accompanied by loud snoring.
I got in trouble from my boss because she caught me taking a Phil.

After I Philled, I felt completely refreshed for my afternoon meeting.

I need some NoDoz because I keep Philling at my desk.
by verifone July 31, 2006
38 76
A big big loser who has fetishes for his dad wearing pink/leapord skin speedos.
by Jessi Lou Poo August 26, 2008
66 107
That guy in that one TV show you watch who is the main character's old, fat and bald uncle. His name is always Phil.

- Uncle Phil from Fresh Prince
- Uncle Phil from The Man Show
- Dr. Phil
by Phileias March 01, 2009
67 109
The term used when someone has had their ballbag stapled to a pair of jeans
Jim: "Ohhhhhhh!"

Barry: What's the matter Jim? Have you Philled yourself to your jeans again?
by Benn =] February 12, 2008
179 231
a "phil" is a Doritos' tortilla chip, circa 1988 in Southern California, that came about due to some guy named phil getting a part for a commercial advertising campaign for Doritos. His hair was stuck straight up in the commercial, you might remember him.

Dude, we like, Toootallly need some phil's to make spicy barbecue nachos.
by alackrity December 07, 2006
58 111