Saggy old men balls, smelly, crusty and mouldy.
I had sex with a man, he had Phil's.
by Isbol Hersin February 27, 2014
someone who is 6 foot huge and would kill everyone in its way. A phil is also a great person who is funny and all the girls love him for his charm. Phil is a pimp and a half. Everyone wants to be a phil but there is only one phil and that is PHIL T.
I want that kid phil so bad its not even funny, said alyssa.
by my scissors January 30, 2006
A kid who is the greatest in the universe at everything and is gonna be damn sure u know it. WIll tell u every single damn thing hes done in the past week and finish it off with either "SICK!!!" or "SMOKESHOW!!". basically hes better than u and u wish u were him
kid: "hey phil i heard u guys won ur game the other day"

Almighty Phil: "O yea, it was "SICK!!!" I had like 20 dunks and made like 3 extra points. It was a "SMOKESHOW!!!"

kid: "wow thats awesome phil ur so cool"
(to other kid once phil leaves): "I fuckin hate him!!!!!!"
Another use of the word "fail."
Clyde: That video sucks!
George: Yeah, I know. It's such a phil.
by MpegEVIL May 03, 2011
A cocky son of a bitch that has fake hookups and no friends. Also a horrible athlete and has no muscle. Likely to be bald by age 30. The only thing he has going for him is his smarts but he usually loses them by age 25 because of alcohol and drug abuse.
No one wants to hang out with that guy...its because he is being such a Phil.
by phillipChurch January 29, 2011
a guy who is an immature jerk. has no feelings toward girls. just wants thier body, and nude pictures, nothing else. also cannot take a joke. yet a really good kisser
-"that kiss was a phil"

-"he kept asking me for dirty pictures"

"he deffenitly was a phil"
by nijaturtle blankett July 12, 2009
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