A sexually frustrated man/boy who thinks he can get anyone , and them play the off. Phil sometimes is nice and also a cunt, he goes and gets pissed on weeknights, but EVERYWEEKEND. He leads girls on and hurts them. He's a decent guy a first then he just turns ugly! Types of Phil include nice,polite,pissed,fun,annoying,clingy,ignorant. Sounds like a cunt.. Then he probably is . O and he also has crabs
Phil talks to girl, then phil goes to town to get 'mashed' and gets off with ugly ginger girls, when his bird is FIT and all his mates want her.
by dykeomitus March 13, 2012
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Very popular in high school, gets all the ladies but tends to have sex with all the older girls.

Always on some type of drug, usually a phil might be shy but he carries a big package below.

Warning - Phil's have a very high sex drive and will fuck anything, so be prepared.
John "Yo that kids got a big dick"

Matt: "Yeah he must have some Phil in him"
by Marissa Mc. December 17, 2009
A God among men. Phil is all-knowing. Don't question his powers. He is often seen sporting a large brass instrument and wearing a purple tanktop.
I just won the lottery, Im such a Phil.
by PFerguson July 25, 2010
tall, blonde, cute, shy. doesnt really know how to flirt, but indirectly lets a girl know he likes her. likes blondes. has a good sense of humor. likes to buy a lot of sunglasses. wont hug the girl he likes cuz he thinks it might be awkward. indirectly adorable. likes girls with a name beginning with A.

and trust me. i am a psychologist, and 78% of men named phil fit this category. ladies, do not give up on a guy named phil. give him time. he will come to you eventually :)
Phil likes her!
How can you tell?
He always smiles around her!
by chocoholicpsychologist<3 July 01, 2010
The god to look up to. Future world conqueror and passionate lover. Intricate facial hair enthusiast. Effortlessly attracts all women. Thoughtful and cautious but never shy. World traveler. Never try to outshine or outsmart a Phil.
Dude 1: I just met a guy named Phil.
Dude 2: Did it blow your mind and change your world forever?
Dude 1: Damn right...
by Darling Michie September 26, 2011
Phil is an all round amazing guy! Extremely good looking, and most girls find it almost impossible to resist his charms! Extremely funny and can have the whole room laughing in minutes! Doesn't take any shit from anybody and will tell you exactly what he thinks and what is on his mind. He is extremely talented with regards his hobbies. Master of all. Can turn his hand to anything. A very fun guy who gets on with anybody of any age.
Do you know, Phil
Yer, isn't he just the best?
by mbp1993 June 02, 2013
someone who gets too smashed at parties, likes to drunk text, and passes out a lot.

got with a different girl every week in high school.
Gal: Yo did that kid just pull a Phil?

Male: Yeah he's sprawled out on the floor passed out.

Gal: At least he didnt run into a closet this time.
by lil lizz January 18, 2010
The most brilliant person you'll ever meet in your lifetime. Incredible on the guitar, and spends upwards of 200$ at a time at records stores, you'll always want to find a Phil if you want to listen to good music. His vocals are the most incredible of any boy in the world, raspy and soothing at the same time. He's the kind of person you could take trains, planes and automobiles to, anywhere in the entire world. Looking at constellations, explosions, and everything else. The kind of boy whose eyes you could look into forever and ever, as you wake up next to him and remember that you've never been more in love in your life. His knowledge of everything from Taoism to the best bands you'll ever hear of, makes him all the more loveable. Phil is a certified mind blower, writing with extravagance and sounding like a poet each and every time he opens his mouth to speak. Trustworthy and comforting to the core, Phil is worth everything that anyone could give.
Friend: So, you and that brilliant gentleman?

Me: We're not dating. But yes. I've got myself a Phil alright.
by strypes January 25, 2014

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