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organizms containing chloraphyll use light energy to reproduce... and in other words... something to do when you're bored :D
1) I suggest we go and photosynthesize.
2) - What are you doing?
- photosynthesizing
3) Im aroused, I Think i'll sit down and
by Random Sheep April 18, 2005
The process of alcohol permeating one's body in order to further enjoy one's night.
Hey little Sally Are you ready to photosynthesize later? It helps enhance when I get plowed out.
#drunk #photosynthesize #photosynthesis #garden #daisy
by Daisy3885 February 19, 2010
1. To n.CO2 + n.H2O + photons → (CH2O).n + n.O2
2. To use big words
1. I like it when narcotic plants photosynthesize

2. Sometimes I use big words I dont always fully understand, in an effort make myself sound more photosynthesis.
#plants #big words #photosynthesis #drugs #co2 #h2o
by Nig' August 10, 2015
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