To "Phelps" a joint or bowl of marijuana is to finish it in under one minute. After finishing, the person who takes the final hit must declare "I told you guys... under a minute" This term stems from Michael Phelp's Rosetta Stone ad in which he completes the ad in under a minute and says the aforementioned quote. This is combined with the new information that Phelps is a raging potaholic.
We're late for the movie man! Phelps that shit! *59 seconds later* "I told you guys... under a minute."
by Tall Tim February 11, 2009
Top Definition
1. (verb) - the act of farting during anal sex.

2. (noun) - Fred Phelps.
Well damn. I think Fred Phelps just phelped.
by PartOfTheNation September 21, 2011
1. The act of farting during anal sex.

2. Fred Phelps
1. My gf phelps all over me when she gives lovey lovey.

2. I will picket at Fred Phelps' funeral
by sxephilnelson September 22, 2011
1. v. The act of farting during anal sex.
2. n. Fred Phelps
Damn, he phelps'd me while we were having sex. Now it smells bad.
by cjdeck September 21, 2011
Smoking an entire, full bowl of marijuana in one hit.
That guy must be a swimmer because he just phelpsed that whole bowl!

I packed this bowl so fat, there's no way you can phelps it.
by G Dun February 10, 2009
The act of farting during anal sex.

Derives from Fred Phelps name.
Guy 1: She was good but half way through she let out a Phelps.
Guy 2: Gross man...
by Love from The Nation September 21, 2011
v. To take a huge rip out of a bong and kill the entire bowl, like one had gold medal lungs belonging to Michael Phelps.
Nobody likes it when some asshole phelps the first hit.
by TheBleedingPen February 18, 2009
1. (verb) - The act of farting during anal sex.

2. (noun) - Fred Phelps
Fred phelps, which is disgusting.
I heard Fred phelps. so I'm never having sex with him
by dwarrel September 22, 2011
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