(n) Marijuana
(v) To consume marijuana
Let's get phelped tonight.

Can I get some phelp?
by An Dre February 02, 2009
articles of feces transferred to the pubic hair of the penetrator during anal sex.
Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church
by castu October 04, 2006
as a verb, to completely scramble the intended message of anything in a jaw-droppingly stupid way. Usage: past tense: phelped, present tense: phelping

as a noun, one who performs the actions of the verb. Usage: to be a phelp. calling someone a phelper is also acceptable.
Rick: So I told Julie about the shooting at that nursery school where all those toddlers died and she phelped, saying it's because Eris and Pluto want her to color her hair Cheshire Cat Green even though The Flying Spaghetti Monster forbids colors other than Prego Red and Kraft Nuclear Orange after Samhain in the Fourth Dimension squared with a cherry on top.

Mickey Mouse: That's fucked up dude. She's a true phelp if there ever was one.

Freddy Krueger: I told you that bitch crazy, yo.
by Derek C. Peavey October 04, 2006
to swim; you no longer swim you phelp. Michael Phelps was just amazing in the Olympics.
Lets go phelping!
by bobbyk99 September 05, 2008
adjective: cool, spiffy, awesome
verb: F**in help
"phelp me": to be felt up
adjective: that shirt is so phelp

verb 1:
by Soraya(put on UD by tati) August 26, 2008
The kicking of ass at any swimming event worldwide.
I will Phelps you at the relay race this afternoon.
by DarkJimz August 12, 2008
to win at anything with incredible ease, because you are the best, as Michael Phelps is.
You just wish you could Phelps like that guy. It's okay, you'll never be as good as him. Don't even try.
by LusciousBootay August 16, 2008

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